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10. Cranberry and Wild Rice Pudding.

I was challenged by my sister to incorporate wild rice in a pie.  It’s not my most successful pie.  The wild rice didn’t meld with the custard, even though it absorbed most of the milk.  Having chewy rice in a … Continue reading

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9: Chile Relleno pie

I had a plan to make a very specific chile relleno pie, which looked something very much like this: There’s not much to say about this one, except that it’s a chile relleno in a pie crust.  But honestly, not … Continue reading

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8. Avocado Pie

Once upon a time, I hated avocados.  I found their texture disturbingly reminiscent of sticks of butter* and their taste overall lacking.  I moved to California where avocados were ubiquitous, and built a fortress of hatred as protection against the … Continue reading

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7. Rhubarb & poppy seed galette

Warning: this is not the pie to eat before a drug test — unless you want a delicious, legal reason to fail said drug test. I really wanted to make a sour cherry, poppy seed pie– inspired by the makos … Continue reading

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