25. Peach Pie

You knew this was coming… I moved to Georgia, and couldn’t go a summer without making peach pie.

I did eat many-a-pound of Georgia peaches this summer, and they were of course absolutely delicious.  However, they were so delicious that I never resisted eating them long enough to make a pie.  I also went out of town just as peach season was peaking, and I will admit to you that I never made a Georgia Peach pie.  I did bring a bushel of South Carolina peaches up north with me, however (they were what I found available at the last minute).  And some of those became the dessert that sustained me and my dad during my visit to Minnesota.

Sadly, these SC peaches were nowhere as delicious as the Georgia peaches I had the rest of the summer.  But they were still tasty enough to make a pretty good pie.

This pie was really straightforward- a basic butter crust, peeled peaches, some cinnamon, and pecans on top.  I’m not even sure what to put as a recipe, so instead I’ll just load up pictures.  The toasted pecans were the simple touch that made this pie unique and worthwhile.  Toasted, spiced nuts are just about the second best thing in the world, and they also gave a nice textural contrast.

Peaches on vacation in the unfrozen north.

Sliced peach. The peaches were set in hot water for a brief time to make skin removal simple. It just rubs off after this dowsing.

Placing the top crust on the peach pie.

Baking the pie in the oven. The metal ring is a crust guard, which prevents the outer rim from overcooking while the rest of the crust cooks thoroughly.


Baked Peach pie. The juices weren’t yet cooled/congealed here.





Essentially this is a Georgia pie– made in MN, with no ingredients from Georgia.  It was a solid pie.  Simple, effective, and improved drastically by toasted pecans.  Those will definitely be making more appearances on top of my pies in the future!  I wish I’d  been more on top of things– I really wanted to make that Ginger Pie with peaches instead of rum soaked strawberries. And I wanted to make a pecan “frangipane” with peach.  And… well, I guess I just wanted to eat a lot more peaches.  They make Atlanta summers worth the heat.


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2 Responses to 25. Peach Pie

  1. Mary says:

    Your pie looks delicious!!

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