26. Wild Michigan Berry Pie

After visiting my dad in Minnesota, I swung up to see my grandma in the UP.  It was a very short visit, but one that I really enjoyed. Despite the shortness of the visit, I made time to make a pie (at about midnight– proper pie making time).  I picked a few handfuls of wild raspberries and bought some wild blueberries from a little stand outside of town (the blueberries this year weren’t abundant and I didn’t find many at all when I looked up in MN).

First, the result:


As in the previous post (Peach Pie) this was pretty straightforward.  I destemmed/washed the berries, and mixed them with a couple teaspoons of cornstarch and a pinch of salt.


Contrasting standard berries (container) to wild blueberries and huckleberries (in the bowl). Wild are much smaller, usually darker (especially huckleberries), and can be much tastier.

I decided to use two mini loaf pans, as the only pie pan I had with me was very shallow and wide, and I wanted a high proportion of berries.   One of them I used only blueberries (with a drizzle of honey and butter), and the other I layered the raspberries on top.


I did, however, try something weird with the crust.  The only fat available was whipped butter, which wasn’t that odd certainly… but I saw a huge container of honey and, on a peculiarly sick whim, decided I’d replace the liquid in the pie crust with honey.  Now, before you choke on the sweetness of that statement, let me remind you that there’s not actually THAT much water in pie dough.


Now I can say that “replacing liquid with honey” is something I don’t recommend doing if you want to end up with a pie crust.  It doesn’t manipulate nicely, and turns into more of a hard shortbread than a nice flaky pie crust.  The honey also wasn’t actually a strongly present flavor anyway.  So I’ll cross that off the list of “potentially awesome” pie innovations.

Would you like a loaf of pie?

Cooking them in bread loaf pans was a bit challenging with this particular crust– but I like the dimensions of the pie better than a small pie pan, which tends to be rather shallow.

But even a non-great crust wasn’t enough to ruin the splendor of these berries.  Wild berries are remarkably good.


And, one more look at a slice of this pie:


Good fruit= good pie.

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2 Responses to 26. Wild Michigan Berry Pie

  1. easybaked says:

    There’s just nothing better than wild blueberries from the UP. Paradise,MI has a wild blueberry festival every summer where I had my 1st taste of wild blueberry pie– it was so amazing!!! Your recipe made me smile– thanks for the memories!

    • Jen says:

      Wild blueberries from the UP and Northern Minnesota bring fond memories to me as well. I have missed good blueberry season on my last few visits up north, and can’t wait until I can again canoe around a lake stopping on islands to pick a mouthful of blueberries.

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