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Blueberry in Lavender Frangipane

I’ve done blueberry with lavender before on this blog.  It’s become a favorite flavor combination of mine.  And I’ve done several frangipane tarts before as well.  But the bursts of blueberry suspended in sweet, slightly lavender-flavored frangipane in this pie … Continue reading

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30. Goat Cheese and Kale+ quiche

Happy new year!!! As is evident, I failed at my goal of posting a pie a week in 2012.  I’ll keep posting until I have a at least 52 pies, and possibly longer.  This year, I’m hoping to do more … Continue reading

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25. Peach Pie

You knew this was coming… I moved to Georgia, and couldn’t go a summer without making peach pie. I did eat many-a-pound of Georgia peaches this summer, and they were of course absolutely delicious.  However, they were so delicious that … Continue reading

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Missing Pies…

I know, I know.  I had over a month with nothing posted before the “rosehip pie”. Fear not, I was still making pies… just not writing about them.  Here’s a few pictures.  I’ll hopefully create posts for each pie individually.

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12-15. A pack of pies (chocolate cream, berry and cheese, almond+red wine pear, fig+apple rose)

In apology for not writing in about two weeks, I have 4 pies to show you.   Granted, one of them is only a variation on my second pie post.  But it’s a delicious variant.  When I started to write … Continue reading

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11. Samoa Cookie Pie

It’s Girl Scout Season in Atlanta.  It’s impossible to walk around campus, into a grocery store, or around a corner without being criminalized by small girls bedecked in green sashes and badges because I don’t want to buy their cookies. … Continue reading

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7. Rhubarb & poppy seed galette

Warning: this is not the pie to eat before a drug test — unless you want a delicious, legal reason to fail said drug test. I really wanted to make a sour cherry, poppy seed pie– inspired by the makos … Continue reading

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