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31. Caramel Cranberry Pecanipane tart

Nothing quite says the holiday season is here like spotting piles of bagged cranberries at your grocery.  I always buy a bag as soon as I can because I love cranberries and couldn’t be happier than when I sit in … Continue reading

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30. Gumbo Pot Pie

This. Is. Delicious.  I say it in the present tense because I’m so excited to tell you about this pie that I’m typing as I eat it. Now, for those of you that can’t imagine gumbo without meat, just pause … Continue reading

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28. Concord Grape

This pie was a long time coming. As I’ve mentioned before, my obsession with pie is prompted by the memories of making it (and eating it) with my Grandmother.  It’s an association I cherish and celebrate with every bite of … Continue reading

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26. Wild Michigan Berry Pie

After visiting my dad in Minnesota, I swung up to see my grandma in the UP.  It was a very short visit, but one that I really enjoyed. Despite the shortness of the visit, I made time to make a … Continue reading

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25. Peach Pie

You knew this was coming… I moved to Georgia, and couldn’t go a summer without making peach pie. I did eat many-a-pound of Georgia peaches this summer, and they were of course absolutely delicious.  However, they were so delicious that … Continue reading

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24. Rosehip pie

Urban foraging prevails again. This time I found a bunch of roses growing unchecked on a roadside public property.  I’d been eating a super delicious rosehip jam for a week–and finding a surplus of rosehip right in front of me, … Continue reading

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21-22. Seared Apricot Pie, and Frozen Mango Pie (with lavender-agave cream)

I’m a sucker for seasonal/rarer fruits. On my last trip to the Dekalb Farmers Market I came home laden with a large box of ataulfo mangos (the small yellow ones, not the green/pink mangos), a couple pounds of fresh apricots, … Continue reading

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