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20. Ginger and Rum-Soaked-Strawberry Pie (+ extras!!)

I found strawberries at an irresistible price the other day. So clearly I was going to make a strawberry pie.  But, lacking rhubarb, I looked for some other variant of strawberry pie.  I picked up ginger, thinking perhaps that would fit in … Continue reading

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19. Mulberry Pie

All around the mulberry bush The Jen chased the berries; The berries thought ’twas all in fun, Pie! go the mullberies.   Welcome to summer in Atlanta.  I’m looking forward to the surplus of delicious fruits and vegetables.  I’ve planted … Continue reading

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18. Cactus Pie

There are reasons the pies we are most familiar with have withstood the test of time.  They’re not gimmicky, they’re not trying too hard, and they’re just damn good. This week’s pie is a definite keeper: although the unique ingredient … Continue reading

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17. Plantain Cream Pie

I’d never made a banana cream pie before.  But banana cream pie sounded boring and I had some obscenely ripe plantains I was planning on frying up and eating with tamarind yogurt. And so I did– but in pie form. … Continue reading

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16. Quiche in olive oil crust.

My sweet tooth needed a break this week, so I made a quiche for my weekly Sunday brunch. I went to foodie heaven (Dekalb Farmer’s Market) preparing to get everything I needed for the quiche.  Though not actually a farmer’s … Continue reading

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